Wow wow wow - can't believe it has been this long since i blogged.....TERRIBLE!

life is great.  life has changed. we are all so happy. 

we moved to SSI - YES, back to our hometown in may of this year.  it is crazy being back!  good crazy.

leaving atlanta/decatur was much harder than i envisioned. truly, i thought it would be a breeze to head back to st simons where all of our family and friends are.  but i realized upon driving out of the city for the last time and looking back at the skyline, that we had made atlanta our home.  since december 2002 i had lived there, but more importantly and perhaps what made it so hard to leave, is that we had our three daughters in atlanta.  and they called it home.  so leaving our home was tough.  adjusting to life here was easier for me than probably libby and margaret.  especially lib.  she was very involved and invested in her friends and her class at the glenn school.  all of her memories were of that school and of those precious 18 children she had been with for three years.  she quickly got involved here in camps and that girl has more strength and confidence in her pinky toe than i will ever have in my life.  for that, my cup runneth over.  my heart ached for her, because for about three weeks she cried alot.  especially at night she would be so sad.  but we did our best and we tried so hard for her to acclimate to life here, and i am so OVER THE MOON HAPPY to say that she's doing amazingly well. she's in kindergarten at frederica and she has the cutest, sweetest classmates and the best teachers. she consistently gets her color on purple in the afternoon (which is the BEST, and stands for "fantastic") and she is definitely excelling in her new environment.  margaret was sad for about two days, but then realizing we'd be at the beach on a daily basis swimming and building sandcastles made her forget all about where we had just come from. :)  she is as resilient as they come, and man, oh MAN does she have spunk.  she is hilarious, and amazing and she makes us so happy and makes us laugh so much.  her personality is just incredible!  she has this weird little voice that she does which started on the huge rope swing in our backyard while counting and matt and i daily request that she talk in her funny voice!  she's in PreK4 at presbyterian church and the teachers LOVE that girl.  I am so happy she is at that school. it's allowing her to be four and not have so much pressure that comes with being at frederica yet, so i'm SO thankful we made the decision to put libby in K and hold them all back a year.  lots of prayers went into that decision and how awesome is our GOD to show us when we've made good choices for our babies. and little sarah, oh my goodness....what did we ever do without her???  she is AMAZING and we are all absolutely in love with that little ball of love and cuteness.  she is the most adorable thing ever and she cuddles, laughs, smiles, waves, says "hi, wow, ow, mama, dada, mae mea" and she calls libby "E-ah" - and boy oh boy do we seriously eat her up.  amazing.  they all are!  

matt is doing great at work, he's making an impact on the community and everywhere i go someone recognizes the name and says how well he's doing.  he worked so hard for this and i am so proud of him!!! 

God is just so good, we are all healthy and happy and this place finally feels like home....again!

will be better at blogging i promise!  i want the girls to have this as a journal so i will try to do this a few times per week.



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