of my favorite things to talk about is the two sisters with whom I've been blessed. We are all so incredibly different and each of us has such strong personalities, and there have been times when those strong willed opinions have caused a fight or two. But the bottom line is, we are the best of friends, and we share a bond that will never be broken, no matter what!

That being said, I wanted to put something on my new blog about my two favorite girls in the world...Jessica Leigh Spearman and Melissa Helanne Spearman. I miss them so much more than they know!

Last March, my Dad sent the three of us to NYC - yep, that's right. The Big Apple, just three gals from Georgia. Man, we were stoked to be going together, and the fact that it was all expense paid made it that much sweeter.

We left on a Friday, St. Patty's Day - sat first class on AirTran (quite the deal, I might add) and arrived in time for dinner. And what a dinner it was! We wanted to be in Times Square, so we found a precious little Italian eatery and drank our weight in wine, and called it a night in our hotel room - a little blurry, but we laid in bed talking and laughing. One of us got up in the middle of the night for a snack, and she ate that snack outside in the hallway of the hotel. We know this only because the bag of chips was lying outside of our room when we woke up, at which time said sister recalled leaving the room to go to the vending machine.

Next day, our wonderful Father met us in the Big City. Dad used to live there many years ago, and he was determined to take in the sights with his three favorite girls! So that we did. It was SO cold, and we did everything one can do in NYC! It was so much fun, and definitely a memory I'll never forget. We were wrapped up in scarves, jackets, gloves, and we rode the subway, took cabs, ate lunch, fought traffic, went to the Statue of Liberty, shopped shopped & shopped some more. At Chinatown, naturally. One of us even wrote a check to a street vendor. :)

That night, it was so cold and we made our Dad spend the night with us! It was so fun! So the four of us decided to not go too far, and made our way nearby the hotel to have dinner at a Thai Restaurant. One of the biggest mistakes of my life. We get there, order our food, and begin eating.....Jessica looked at me from across the table and made what I can only describe as "a concerned face" - I didn't know what she was doing so I resumed eating (thank GOD I'm vegetarian)....anyway, after a few minutes I finally asked why in the world she was looking at me like that. She pushed her plate to the middle of the table and said, "that's why" which point we all looked at her plate and almost got sick. It was NOT chicken. No matter what that waitress said. It was not chicken. The next time any of you see my sister, Jess, please just ask to see "the picture" and she'll know what you mean! EW, I still have nightmares.

After putting sweet Dad to bed, the three of us decide we have no choice but to go out for a bit. We all love reading about celebrities, so we know where THE BARS are in NYC.

We decide we can get in. We get dressed. We have a cocktail at the hotel. We get a cab to Chelsea. We go to Bungalow 8. We ask the bouncer "where is Bungalow 8?"....we get dissed. We get looked up and down, he says there is no way we're getting in. We look at him. We look at each other. We look at this cute bar next door and we decide to be civilians and we go inside a normal bar. We sit at the table by the window, which was so perfect for observing the goings on outside, and we do just that. We drink, we talk, we laugh. We're together and that's all we cared about. Going back to the hotel several hours later, we decide it's not time for bed. So, we have another cocktail at the hotel bar. As we go to our room, we decide walking is not the best option for all three of us, so we put Melissa on the luggage roller and roll her into the room, much to our Father's amusement/amazement/disappointment/shock. He wakes up, we all have some more laughs, and we call it a night. Or early morning, whatever.

Waking up, we say bye to Dad, and the Sissy's decide to do the only thing left in NYC we hadn't done the day before together, The Empire State Building. Such fun, and such a wonderful thing to experience with them. I bought a Christmas ornament there, and when I put it on our tree this year, I smiled at the memory.

Our flight was early evening, so we did some more shopping, drinking, eating, drinking, and having Cheesecake. Real, New York Cheesecake. It was glorious and coming home on the flight, I savored each moment knowing that the three of us would never forget our weekend with each other. Thank you Dad!!

So my only question to them is: Where are we going this year???

AuthorMatthew Certain