On this ultra cold, 40 degree weather day I am sitting in my cubicle daydreaming....of being at home, of not having the beginning stages of the flu, of snuggling with my husband...and of warm weather! Don't get me wrong...I adore the winter, and I adore cold weather (mainly because of the attire) but at the same time, my mind sometimes takes me back to warmer days....May 26 to be exact.

OUR REHEARSAL DINNER! Loved it. Village Creek Landing. So fun, the blistering hot day gave way to a breezy, calm afternoon and evening. The weather was glorious. All of my favorite friends and family were there, all of Matt's favorite friends and family were there...it was great! Stories were told, food was enjoyed, dancing was done, and the band played on!
It was a stunning location, and the backdrop was made for pictures, and that is what I wanted to show everyone.
....Our lovely pictures from the night before we two became one.

AuthorMatthew Certain