WOW! Hard to believe it's 2007! 2006 was a wonderful year for us both - we had so much going on. Matt finished his schooling and began his residency at Emory. Getting to stay in Atlanta was an answered prayer, although we would have been happy going anywhere. We got married two weeks after his graduation, went on a glorious Jamaican honeymoon, and are just as happy as we can be to be married and finally living in the same town after dating long distance for so many years. Married life is better than either of us expected, a true blessing. It gets better everyday!
We had a great first Christmas as "The Certain's" and a fun NYE weekend. Matt's sister, Helen, and her fiance Jeff came up on Friday and we had a wonderful time. The weekend consisted of eating at several great restaurants: Six Feet Under, Athens Pizza, The Vortex, Panera Bread, Lobster Bar, and we topped it off today at Atlantic Station, eating at the Fox Grill. We tried to do All Things Atlanta for our fabulous guests. It was such fun and we were sad to see them driving off in a big grey truck.
NYE we had dinner with two of our besties Damon and Katie Odegard. A fun time was had by all!

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