Whoopeee! Matt and I have decided to go on our next vacation on April 2, and we're going to Whistler BC. We've yet to go skiing together, so this is something we're really looking forward to! We hear the skiing is fabulous, the apres ski, shopping, and restaurants are all getting positive reviews as well, which is just as important to us. Or to me, anyway!
The last time I went skiing was in Colorado and I was horrendous. I forgot to tighten my boots, got off the ski lift and went crashing down the hill towards a restaurant, completely out of control, knocking over the stand where people had put their skis while dining. And snowboarding?
Forget about it....I was terrified. This time, I'll be with my husband whom I fully trust to help me as he lived in Mammoth Mountain after college and before med school, where he and some buddies lived for a few months at a ski lodge and Matt worked the ski lift. He's a great snowboarder and I am so excited to be going in just a few months with him!
These photos are from our Honeymoon which was in Jamaica. I hadn't posted any of them yet, and by golly I just wanted to do so! Plus, I think it's kinda cool that these are of us as we first experienced being married, and one year later we'll be in the snow together. Quite the contrast!
We're staying at the Westin Whistler in a Junior Suite so that we can have a full kitchen which will enable us to cook and stay in at night if we want, which is our favorite thing to do even on vacay!
So for the next few months, I'll be shopping for great ski clothes, warm sweaters, and just having fun planning our itinerary. We're thankful that we're able to go on such a fun trip to someplace neither of us has been before! Stay tuned!

AuthorMatthew Certain