I am going to copy my friend Jennifer on something, and make a list. My list is titled:

Why Being A Member Of Your Public Library Is A Good Idea - Top Ten Reasons:

1. It's FREE. All you have to do to join is show your Drivers License. This is particularly important to me for several reasons.
(a) Instead of spending approximately $50 on books per month, you can save the money to buy a new pair of jeans every quarter.
(b) In an effort to go on trips without a hitch, pop a book into your cd player for a peaceful and interesting drive
(c) On said drive, you can now afford to stop at the Starbucks in Macon for a green tea latte, and then again if you so choose at Exit 224 for yet another frothy beverage.

2. There are no limits to how many products you can check out at a time. All you have to do is return the books on time. That's it.

3. You can check out books, cd's, dvds, books on tape, AND use their internet service. :)

4. No matter what, no matter when you go, it is always going to be quiet in there.

5. You get a new accessory for your key chain - your identification card!

6. You never have to worry about spilling your glass of wine on the books because they are covered in plastic wrap.

7. If a book is coming out, and you MUST read it immediately, simply put your name and your request with the librarian, who may or may not fit the stereotype, and he or she will call you immediately upon receipt of book. There you go.

8. If you don't like the book you don't have to worry about having wasted your money on it, because have I mentioned that it's free?

9. No more having to pass books along for another to enjoy and then never see the book again.

10. It makes your husband happy. Because he can play video games, xbox, and watch Mythbusters knowing you are content reading a checked out library book!

AuthorMatthew Certain