Desperate Housewifes is a crazy show! Someone else who watches it, please comment as I am blown away by the writing for the characters. Who thinks of that stuff??? I love it.

Also, Thursday is a new Greys Anatomy. I love being able to watch mindless entertainment as a sort of escape from the real world, even though my world is lovely and I have no real need to escape from anything as I'm just happy for my health, my husband, my family and everything else with which I have been so incredibly blessed.

Need to go now, I have an early meeting in the AM and I hope that after all of my naps today I'm actually able to go to sleep.

OH, and I'm reading a cute book by Jennifer Weiner - "Goodnight Nobody" - kinda hard to start it but I am now having to force myself to turn out my nightlight as my hubby sleeps soundly beside me. See, I told you I'm blessed!

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