Ok, it has been way too long! Matt and I are now each a year older since our last post of me in the scooter. I'm taking the hint from all of our loyal readers and finally feel inspired enough to update our blog!

Let's see....the last post had me in a scooter at Publix, and several weeks later, I'm still scooting but we won't share any additional photos of that. Part of our problem is that our camera is broken and with all that's going on, it's sort of the last thing on our mind....but I will admit it's driving us both crazy not having one. All in good time, eh?

So Matt turned the big 3-0 on September 24. Bless his heart, he had to work all day and didn't get home until after ten. I had a great surprise party planned with some of our nearest and dearest, but unfortunately we had to cancel that because of work. I have to give props to Katie and Ginny - two of my best girlfriends who helped me still manage to somewhat give my husband a great day. Katie drove me all over the Highlands looking for a gift. We finally settled on cooking classes for us both to share together! We're excited about it. Then she took me to Whole Foods (are you following? I still can't drive) and got a delicious meal courtesy of their fab deli. Ginny picked up a gorgeous and absolutely heavenly chocolate birthday cake, we three girls met at our apartment, shared wine and stories and when they left I did my best to prepare for Matt to get home! I couldn't have done it without the two of them, so thank you so much! It wasn't what I had imagined for his birthday, but we were together and able to celebrate the best we could have! Sometimes, simple is best, though.

I'm working from home, which is still going well. Although last week I was SO sad to have to back out of a business trip to NYC because I didn't need to go on the crutches. And that's a big deal because I adore that city. Next time, for sure. Physical therapy is going well - I have ridden the stationary bike twice, I'm able to put a small amount of weights on the right leg while I'm there, and that's quite exciting. My next appointment is November 29 and I'll definitely update on my status at that time.

Matt and I have had some busy weekends this fall, and during November we won't be home for one weekend, which all means one thing: the holidays are approaching! It's crazy to think that 2007 is in the fourth quarter - time is flying. We're heading to Charleston, Highlands NC, and Lake Oconee in November and then we'll be home for Thanksgiving week. We haven't been home since July so it's long overdue. Very much looking forward to that week. Matt works constantly, he's going in at 6 AM and coming home between 7-10 PM, so he deserves some time off, and spending some QT together makes me smile just thinking about it.

Other news...my sister Jessica got engaged! We're so excited for them and loads of planning is underway, as all of you well know from your own experience. Parties, showers, and the wedding itself - we are so happy for Jess, Ryan, and Baby J!

For my birthday I had lunch with Mom, Jocelyn and Melissa that afternoon while Matt was working....then that night Matt took me out for a lovely dinner, gave me an awesome outfit that he picked out, I swear that man has the best taste in the world. So much better than mine! He brought me flowers and a wonderful cheesecake to boot. It was perfect! I didn't want to celebrate any more than that, (you all don't believe me, do you? You shouldn't!) but my friends and sister Melissa surprised me with a girls dinner the next night which was SUCH a surprise and meant so much to me too! After a great night out, Sissy brought me home....I have to say it was a lovely birthday as most of them are, even when turning over 30. Gosh, am I really?!?

So that's what's been happening with us. I hope this post is going to sustain our avid readers (all three of you) until we can post some pictures.



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