Matt and I enjoyed what will most likely be one of our last very peaceful, quiet, uninterrupted Christmas Eve dinners right here in our apartment. Just the two of us, we had such a lovely time. He got off work around 1 pm, we did some last minute grocery shopping and then came home, took a nap (which all of my friends keep telling me to enjoy!) and then started preparing our meal. Well, Matt did.

I set the table with our china and crystal and silver that we got for the wedding. I love it all so and use it as often as I can. He made a phenomenal dinner for us! Ham, (yes, I'm eating some pork every now & then!), parmesan green beans, long grain & wild rice with cranberries, and maple glazed carrots.

It was excellent which I consistently and annoyingly said throughout the meal after every single bite. After we cleaned the dishes we exchanged gifts from each other, then watched Matt's new Planet Earth dvds. Spending Christmas Eve with my all time favorite person in the world was a gift in itself, and I could not be more thankful. Merry Christmas everyone!

AuthorMatthew Certain