Well, friends and family, we have a little announcement. Some of you may already know, but Amy and I are soon to be parents! Yes, I know that many are wondering why or how Amy got pregnant while still on crutches, well let's just say that bed rest wasn't that bad. Today, Amy is officially 8 weeks along and we went to the Ob/Gyn for our first visit. So far, the pregnancy has been relatively easy aside from the all-too-often cramps; no morning sickness (knock on wood), no sleepiness, no problems. The Ob/Gyn visit went great, our little guy/gal got a great bill of health.

I have to admit that the real reason for getting this blog up and running was to have a way to document our little one's major events, and share it with our friends and family who might not live near us. I know that we haven't updated this blog much lately, but I expect that this was just the calm before the storm. We're going to have tons of pictures of Amy's growing belly, and our growing pride. Look over to the right and make sure that you vote in the new poll. We wanna know if you think we should find out the baby's sex.

AuthorMatthew Certain