Finally, our much anticipated journey to Canada is upon us. Leaving at 8 AM, we have a day full of traveling tomorrow. We are so excited! We will get there by 12:30 tomorrow afternoon, and after being picked up from the airport by the hotel, we have a beautiful two hour drive on the Sea to Sky Highway, as I've been told they call this stretch of road from Vancouver. Matt and I are all packed, we've gotten it all in our suitcases. Amazingly enough, as it's so much harder to pack for this sort of trip than a beach much more to pack in order to stay warm! In any regard, we are not taking our laptop, we are turning off all cell phones and pagers, and for the next six days we are going to be by ourselves, enjoying the snow, the food, and most of all, simply enjoying each other! I shall write when I return, complete with fun stories and pictures. Have a great week everyone! And by everyone, I mean Jenn, and Sarah because I feel that they are the only ones reading!
Lots of love!

AuthorMatthew Certain