My arm is broken from our ski trip. I fell, but didn't realize that I had injured myself like this! See, Dad, my threshold for pain is high. Yeah right! I made an appointment at the Doc, and he did x-rays and it is indeed a "non displaced radial neck fracture" on my right arm. I hate to say it's getting worse on a daily basis rather than better. Having only one working arm has (a) made us eat out almost every night since we got back as I can't cook with one arm; and (b) made me realize yet again to not take health for granted!

Last weekend I went home for my sister in law's engagement party, and had a ball! Saw my sister, my Mom, Dad, brother, some friends, and most importantly I saw my nephew! He gets cuter every single day, he really does. I adore him. I gave him a tshirt from Whistler and he got upset and said he wanted a big truck instead. It was funny. Note to self: don't buy a three year old little boy, who likes to play in the dirt and ride tractors, a tshirt and expect a grand reaction. One will be disappointed! Who cares, though, all it made me do was buy him something else that he liked: A dragon!

AuthorMatthew Certain