Well, well, well. What a weekend. As you can see from the picture, the Labor Day weekend was not without incident. I can't tell you how much we were looking forward to a wonderful weekend in the Bahamas. As we all know, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Well, that's what happened here.

We flew directly from Atlanta to Marsh Harbor (via Miami), which was a lot easier than driving from Atlanta to Daytona then flying out from there. So, we got there Thursday afternoon, and had a wonderful first day.

Day 2: The real fun begins. We decided to go fishing off the coast that morning, so we all packed up and headed out for the day. Amy caught started off a great day with a nice Wahoo, which you can see in the pic.

We spent several hours hitting a couple of fishing holes that the Rentz's knew about, then decided to head towards a herd of boats we thought may know something that we didn't.

As we sped up, a series of swells popped the boat's bow in the air, which popped Amy up in the air. She popped up enough to almost get her feet underneath her. The boat then started to come up for another swell as she was coming down. The Result: Amy's broken leg. Fortunately, we were able to get the leg splinted with some life vest and a bait net. Sadly, my idea of using a "harpoon" was unsucessful. The local EMS met us at the shore after an hour long ride to shore. There, we got to a local doctors office where we x-rayed, attempted to reduce, then casted her leg.

After arriving back at the Rentz's house, we consulted with a few Orthopods who let us know that there wasn't much to do over the Labor Day weekend. Thus, we decided to stick around in the Bahamas for the weekend. Heck, if you have to sit around in a cast, it might as well be next to a pool, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean drinking Kaliks.

We made it home safely, and Amy had surgery on her leg several days later. She's doing well and can't wait to get back out on the water...yeah right.

(Dawn in Abaco)

AuthorMatthew Certain