In case you didn't know it, Amy and I might be half Mexican. We could eat Mexican food 6 days a week without a doubt. Despite Amy's gimped up leg, tonight we decided to head out and grab some Mexican food.

I guess that everyone has their local Mexican "restaurant." When I say this, it can't just be any restaurant food serving up burritos or tacos; it has to be greasy, loaded with taco meat, and serving ice cold beer with a lime. Well, our local Mexican restaurant is Carmaba Cafe over on North Highland, which is a little family-owned place serving hot tacos, spicy salsa and tasty taco meat.

Amy was a total trooper tonight, crutching her way down three flights of stairs, across a parking lot and into the car. Then, through the restaurant and all the way back home again after we ate.

It was a great night and we invite to anyone to let us know their favorite mexican restaurant in the comments, tu comprende?

AuthorMatthew Certain