Second update: Not buying home. Fell through. Took down pics of us in the snow in the backyard that is not ours, and never will be. Kinda funny. Still on the search for the perfect home for us for the next 5.5 years of our lives. :) Stay tuned.

We stayed pretty busy & had a really nice time. Friday night we had dinner with some friends and then went to listen to a band. Our Baby heard heavy metal for the very first time! I'm sure his or her little hands went up to his or her tiny little bitty ears and closed them as best as possible. It was pretty intense and we were there supporting a friend. Got home LATE for us, around 10:30! Starbucks Saturday AM, then headed in the cold to Barnes & Noble. While we were both enjoying our home decorating & landscaping books we looked outside and it was completely white with falling snow! It was absolutely beautiful. We decided to leave & ride by the house so we could see it with snow on it (and see the Under Contract sign again, thus making it more & more real!) so we took some pictures of the roof with snow on top. After lunch I went to see 27 Dresses with some friends, and then we spent the rest of the day with Damon & Katie. While the boys enjoyed a malt liquor and a cigar on the porch, snow falling all around, Katie & I enjoyed a non-alcoholic beverage and a whole lotta food. That girl can cook and is the best host ever! For dinner, the four of us went to Damon's brothers house for dinner, there were four other families there. Thanks Meredith, it is always so good to see you and the fam!! There were nine kids total, ranging from age one to ten. All absolutely precious and excited b/c they had played in the snow all day! It was a big dose of reality - and really fun to see where our lives are headed.

On the home news, we heard from the sellers this morning, and they've agreed to our requests and now all we have to do is wait until the closing. I'm really looking forward to getting in there & decorating, and Matt can't wait to get in the yard and make it our own little paradise! We're so blessed and thankful. We'll hopefully be all moved in by March - that's the goal, anyway. First dinner party will happen very, very soon!

It's currently 26 degrees outside, the snow is still all over the ground and on parked cars and homes. This is such a great city, and with snow all over, it really became a little Winter Wonderland and we had a great time enjoying this lovely, cozy weather!!

AuthorMatthew Certain