Today was a BIG day for us!!

We went to the Doctor for our second visit. The ultrasound was AMAZING! We already have some bragging rights - our little guy or gal was flipping all over the place, turning upside down & sideways, waving at Mom & Dad, and we even saw one of the precious, tiny hands go into his or her mouth. We may have a little ham on us, everyone, a big show off. Wherever does our baby get that? It was as if our little one knew that all eyes were on him or her, and the excitement was overwhelming. For all three of us!! Heartbeat was 171...we saw the face, the spinal cord, legs and arms, LONG fingers & toes, everything looked healthy so far. Our doctors both said everything looks to be on track for the July 13 due date! Thank you Lord....what an answered prayer, and we know we are blessed. It truly is a miracle.

I hope that one day our little one will know of this blog and perhaps read this, and I just want to write here that Mom and Dad LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Hearing your heartbeat was incredible and our life will never be the same. You have already completely stolen our own hearts.

We have several months to go, lots of growing, lots of changes. We're still going to wait and not find out if we're having a girl or a boy. Many nicknames have been established already!

Photos to come soon!

Much love to all.

AuthorMatthew Certain