Cannot believe Libby is three months old today!

Pictures to come, her professional shoot is next week. I'll post some amature shots later today!

She is doing so well! She loves her hands. She loves to eat her hands. She loves to eat. She loves to spit. She loves to spit on Mom & Dad. She loves to copy everything we do. She loves to laugh at us when we make ridiculous faces and noises at her. She loves to play in her bouncy seat. She loves to grab her birds and monkeys on the bouncy seat. She loves music. She loves to be read to. She loves it outside. She loves to walk with her Mommy every afternoon. She loves to just be loved on. Such a good baby and now we want like twenty more of her. :)

We are already in the early stages of planning her first trip to Disney. I think six months is plenty old enough!

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