We had a busy, big weekend! Started on Friday. Libby had her four month check up at 9:30 AM. She got a wonderful report! She is in the 75th percentile for her weight and 90th percentile for her height. Her Doctor said she & I should be quite proud of ourselves! :) She's a chunky little monkey and we are SO pleased. She is also going to be TALL!! She said Libbs can start trying out rice cereal, and veggies and fruit. Real people food (in a baby jar!!). I am going to do my best to make it all at home for her. We haven't given her anything yet but we look forward to seeing the funny faces she is sure to make! She's at such a FUN age.

At home, we have different stations for her all set up. She's got the Exersaucer, the swing that hangs from the door, the playmat that she can lie on and reach up and grab things, and our favorite one of all, sitting with us and reading! She tries to grab the pages and turn them.

She loves to sit up and her little muscles are so strong.

She laughs all the time, she smiles at anything and everything. She is grabbing for things, rolling over, teething maybe, as well? She loves to put everything in her mouth. She drools constantly and has to have a bib on all the time! She is talking nonstop, which makes us melt. Last night we both heard her saying like five sentences in a row. I think she said "Mama" too, but no one was around to hear her! :)

We went to Cashiers for Matt's resident retreat-it is sooooooo much fun to travel now as a family! She was perfect in the car, there and back. The leaves were stunning and I have never appreciated them as much as I did this weekend. Bright, vibrant reds and yellows. It was cold and sunny the whole weekend, and it was really a joy to share it all with Libby. Times surely have changed! The first year we went, we stayed up til the sun came up, last year we had just found out we were expecting, and this year we had a little girl in tow. Wonder what next year will be like!??! ;)

In other news, Libby and I are traveling home to SSI on Wednesday to celebrate Aunt Jessica's wedding!! Matt unfortunately will be working and we are going to miss Daddy so very much. But Libby cannot wait to see her grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, and finally meet her COUSINS!!!

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