Guess we'll find out in less than 20 weeks!

We're halfway there, everyone. I can't believe it. I was talking to a friend yesterday who said, "just think, in ten weeks you'll start counting backwards!" and she's right!

This morning we had our anatomy ultrasound, saw the first doctor at 8.30 am. I don't think we were prepared for all that we were able to see! At 2D, we could see virtually everything. When it was time to check out the lower parts (!) Matt and I had to look away, and I'm SO glad we're not finding out the gender. At the times when we could look, it was incredible to see how much our babe is growing in there! You should see the little feet....with ten long toes, sorry baby, you got that from your mom. Long fingers (all ten!), tiny little face, ears, everything was there and looking good. And he or she is seriously a mover and a shaker! Very active and so much fun to watch! Girl or boy - Matt definitely has a soccer star on his hands. Those feet were so unbelievably tiny and cute,and I just can't wait to put some little socks & shoes on them! Oh, and at one point the little one opened its mouth and then put both hands on top of its head! I don't say this without a grateful heart, believe me. I am so thankful for the results we got today. It amazes me more and more each day and every time we are able to see our baby.
We'll have another visit in four weeks, then another peek four weeks after that, so until then I guess I'll just keep feeling this little guy or gal moving around - which is by far the most sensational thing ever. It feels like waves and they happen nonstop. I think he or she loves all the root beer, and the insane amount of peanut m&m's this Mommy-to-be has been eating!

AuthorMatthew Certain