Friday night we went to Fernbank for our date! It was Martini's & Imax - first time we've gone on a Friday and it won't be the last! We had a few drinks before the show started (Martini for Matt, Sprite for yours truly) and then at 9 pm our show started. We saw Cirque du soleil and it was fantastic. We LOVED IT - truly amazing and made us so sad we didn't go see the real one while it was in Atlanta.

Matt's sister & Mom and some other family members were at the real one in Vegas on Friday night and had a great time!! We know it was just amazing & can't wait to hear all about.
After our show we went to Everybody's Pizza for a late dinner, came home & crawled in bed. Lovely date with hubs.

Saturday we got up early - work for Matt and I was going to SSI for the night. It was my nephew's birthday party. It was fun to be with my family! Mom, Jess, Melissa, Garrison, Ryan & Baby J and I had a really good time together for the night. Matt & I had gotten TBJ a stuffed dinosaur from the museum for his birthday gift, and I think he liked it. He named it "Sushi" - but I'm sure his name has changed a few times since then!

Sunday I drove home and now I can't believe it's already Wednesday evening! This week has gone by so fast. We're about to go eat Indian at a new restaurant we haven't tried yet....Baby adores Indian food which is a good thing because it's one of our favorites!

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