Matt was a groomsman in a wedding this weekend, so we headed to Birmingham!

I got sick on Tuesday night of last week and STILL have it. It has been the worst cold I've had in a LONG time. Apparently something has been going around and working in a cubicle in an office with forty people daily with poor ventilation did nothing to keep me well. The good news is it's not strep throat (I went to the doctor) and it's slowly but surely getting better. My voice has sounded like something out of a movie though, with me playing the lead male character, so answering my phone has been something I've not done much of the past week. I'm back in the cubicle today - was getting way behind at work so decided I needed to return to the land of selling ads & events. :) Let's just hope Matt stays well.

Anyway, we had a really good time with everyone at the wedding. The tuxes the bride chose were seriously the best I've seen. Matt looked super handsome, the reception was beautiful, and the bride's gown was made for her! And the groom could not have looked more excited to see his bride making her way down the aisle. It was a very sweet wedding & a great party! We left the reception and went to the hotel bar, where I had to make my exit - I left the revelers at midnight and headed upstairs to watch SNL. I even went sans crutches (they were in the car) so I felt somewhat normal. However, with the advent of pregnancy brain, I also left the camera in Atlanta, so no pictures. It's a shame, too, because everyone looked so very nice!

I am 18 weeks now and tomorrow is our 18 week check up at the Doctor. The exciting Anatomy Ultrasound. Although we're not finding out, it's really fun to know that tomorrow morning our Doctor will know for SURE if Matt & I are going to be parents to a daughter or a son!!

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