Time flies when you're having fun!

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant, oh, and by the way, I am definitely a "weeks" person now. I never understood all of my pregnant friends & my sister who would speak the "weeks" lanuguage, but here I am doing it too. It's just so much easier. I have made myself a pregnancy chart, which I'll include here:
Weeks 1-4: One month
Weeks 5-8: Two months
Weeks 9-12: Three months
Weeks 13-16: Four months
Weeks 17-20: Five months
Weeks 21-24: Six months
Weeks 25-28: Seven months
Weeks 29-32: Eight months
Weeks 33-36: Nine months
Weeks 37-40: Ten months

As you can see, I'm in the middle of my Fifth Month today.

I have this feeling that the next four to five months of our lives are going to go by faster than we expect. In the coming months, here are just a few things happening:

We have Valentines Day in February, which we don't really celebrate but it's still gonna happen, nonetheless....
And February is also my nephew, Joey's, fourth birthday. I cannot believe how old he is!

In March we are closing on our FIRST HOME!! We are SO excited, thrilled, beyond ecstatic. We love it and want everyone to come & visit us as soon as we get moved in. Or, if you want to come visit before then, you can help us. Just kidding. Unless you're my Mom or Dad, then I'm being serious!!! :)

In April, Matt has a vacation for a whole week, and we are thinking of going to Seaside, Florida, one of our favorite places ever! Ahhh, I can hear the waves now....
OR, we may stay home, relax and decorate the new house, we haven't decided yet. Either way, Matt deserves a break for sure.

In April we also celebrate Easter....

And one of Matt's personal favorite "holidays" - The Masters.

In May we celebrate our Two Year Anniversary. I cannot believe it's been that long. We've had an awesome first few years of marriage. Went on a couple of really fun vacations, minus a few incidents, and had a ball just doing our thing!

Summer, my all time favorite season of the year, officially begins in June. In the South, it really starts in April or May based on the temps, though! It will probably either be really, really quiet, as I'm sure I'll be nesting in our new home, cleaning like a mad woman, and just getting ready for our little bundle to arrive. Yet, there's a chance we'll get our tiny one a little bit early, so June could be far from quiet!!

And then comes July!! July 4th may come & go with just the fireworks in the sky, but the REAL fireworks for us will be when our Baby Boy or Girl makes his or her debut into the world!

And as for my burgeoning belly, we're going to start taking pictures documenting the size and shape. I'm still in my regular clothes for the time being, but I have a feeling that that won't be the case for much longer!!

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