Oh, the joys of moving....I had forgotten. During two years of marriage we had accumulated a LOT of things. I had no idea. Some of our wedding gifts were still literally in their boxes, so it was fun seeing everything for the second time. But not fun for long, because we then had to PACK it all. Fifty boxes later we were ready to go.

The packing process actually started last week, and no, I didn't lift or move anything other than the occasional hanger or something that weighed as much as a penny. So, I helped as best I could - did some organizing and we actually had a really good time. I think we laughed more than ever b/c Matt is so funny.
Anyway, Baby Certain was very tired at the end of each packing day, so we relaxed and proceeded to eat and chill every night last week. It was fun!

Our kitchen being packed up

A little overwhelmed, but we got it done

Goodbye Guest room

And one last night in the guest room

Packing the box of trash...

It's empty!

We packed a few of the more delicate, fragile, important items in our cars

But don't worry, we made sure we buckled our computer, Blue, into his seat

And here I am, following the moving van to the new Casa de Certain! Whoop Whoop!

AuthorMatthew Certain