We are homeowners! After two wonderful years of renting during our two first years of marriage, we saved & saved & looked & looked and finally found THE house and we closed last Thursday! We have been so excited. And stressed to the max.

Dealing with two first born, type A personalities, it's safe and valid to say that the process has been the most difficult for those who were helping us. From the mortgage lenders, the realtors, home insurance stuff, attorney stuff (sorry for all the questions, Jeff!) and all those in-between....it was a first for us and we were anxious, nervous and just plain scared. But, we did it and a big thanks to all of you for everything - your patience most of all! :)

Beginning to sign our paperwork...we signed something in the closing attorney's lobby. By the time we got to the conference room, I had forgotten I had a camera, but you get the idea.

And we're done! It's a deal. It took 30 minutes and lots of ink, but it was a wrap. Yay!

Now, we had to celebrate. We went to South City Kitchen in Midtown. Pimento cheese, chicken livers, shrimp, scallops and cheese grits. It was a wonderful & delicious meal!

And now, I can finally say that Matt and I both are truly, for real, without a doubt, "real estate people!"

Happy Closing Day! :)

AuthorMatthew Certain