March 24 and I'm starting my 25th week - I can't believe there are only 15 weeks left in my pregnancy! Our Baby is very active these days - there is still lots of room for him or her to move around right now, which is so funny to feel everyday! Kicking, flipping around and just being really funny already. Loud noises, tv, and especially Daddy's voice all cause some kicking, and I really think this baby will come out saying "bean burrito, queso dip and salsa, gracias" as his or her first words! Seriously, between hearing Matt and myself order those things two or three times a week, it's bound to have some affect on this baby!

Went to the Doctor last week, for my regular visit and glucose screening (results of that should be in tomorrow)....I have put on a "healthy" amount of weight, and let's just say I probably shouldn't put on such a "healthy" amount every four weeks!! She listened to the heart and measured my growing belly - good report, thank you God.

We go back in four weeks for the 3d sonogram - how exciting. We're really looking forward to that appointment. And then after that, I have to start going in every two weeks and then eventually once every week. We did my birthing plan and all I could say was, "yes, ma'am, an epidural will be fabulous" - no question about that!

Matt and I took full advantage of a non-moving weekend together, even though he had to work some. We slept for four hours on Saturday, and then Easter Sunday after a really fantastic lunch, we got on our couches and watched tv and read books - we loved it and although it was very lazy of us, we know our time to be that way is very limited. We did, however, REALLY miss our families! We can't wait for one day when all of the cousins are playing together looking for Easter eggs after church! We miss all of you and maybe next Easter we can all be together. We hope so!

Our new dining room table before we ate an awesome Easter lunch - ham, deviled eggs, green beans, you name it, we had it!

My Favorite Chef

And next year....we'll be the Easter Bunny!

AuthorMatthew Certain