Today was an early one for us! Matt ran in the ING Marathon this morning and I will brag and say he did an excellent job. We got up at 5.30 AM so I could take him to Marta - since almost all of the roads were blocked intown, that was the easiest way for him to get to Centennial Park for the start of the race.

Getting ready to go

After I dropped him off, I thought about what I should do b/c I really wanted to see him while he was running so I could cheer him on! Somehow manuevered my way and I went to a friends house and parked myself in their driveway with my decaf latte and In Touch weekly at 6:30 AM and sat there in my pj's. I was stationed at the 8 mile point. The race started at 7 AM so by 7:40 a few of the half marathoners were passing by - it was amazing to see how fast they are. And YAY I saw Matt! He looked at our friends house and was so surprised, he even stopped running for a second to come and give me a hug. I was so proud of him and so glad I got to see him while he was running, especially considering there were over 14,000 racers!! He finished with a superb time of 1 hour 57 minutes and 25 seconds - his goal was less than two hours so he was really pleased.

After seeing him I left and tried to get home - not so easy, but finally managed to pick Matt up a little bit later. He says it was a really organized, professional event and can't wait to do the full next year. And next year the baby and I will totally be cheering Daddy on with posters and a cow bell!
We came home and ate lunch, sat around and later started painting the nursery. We didn't get too far but Matt painted the edges and prepped the room, so now all we (he) has to do is paint the walls and we'll be done. The color is a nice yellow called Golden Slumber...I thought it was quite appropriate for our little one.
Getting started

And of course, the ever present Starbucks.

Then it was naptime, and when we woke up we were starving so we went out for some Mexican. It had been five days since we had any Mexican, so it was way past time!! Hope everyone had a really nice weekend!

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