131 days to go until my due date! I cannot believe how fast it's all going. I am reading so many books at home, and articles and stories online which are telling me all about what our baby is doing and how he or she is growing! It's amazing - I know I say that word too much on our blog but that is simply how I feel, and although words can't express the magnitude of just how AMAZING it all is, I'm at a loss for another word!

Right now, our little peanut is eavesdropping on all of our conversations. A fact I can hardly believe. Voice recognition has begun, and I love knowing that my voice and Matt's voice will be what he or she will know to be his or her parents'!! I'm finding myself talking out loud all the time - telling baby about my day (and how much Matt & I love him or her!), reading aloud at home (this baby, boy or girl, will know all about chic lit- Sophie Kinsella to name one for the moment!), and talking out loud in the car. Hopefully other passengers assume I have bluetooth and I'm not just talking to myself! And now he or she weighs one pound - we're out of the ounces stage. I am out of the ability to button my jeans stage - thankfully they have the tummy tube which works wonders and is oh so comfortable. The digestive system is kicking up and baby is absorbing energy boosting sugars now....so I need to think smaller(ish) portions when devouring peanut m&m's each night! Sleeping has become somewhat of an issue, though, already. I just can't! I see a pregnancy pillow in the very, very near future.

And Baby is flipping, turning somersalts and practicing gymnastics!! I feel movement almost on a constant basis throughout the day. It is incredible. Matt felt it for the first time on Sunday and it was very cool. We have a little mover & shaker on our hands.

We close on the house next week, and move in on Saturday! We're really excited, we've got packing on the brain - my weekend will be dedicted to making sure things are organized as we embark upon this homeowners journey. Can't wait to have visitors! As soon as we move in, we're going to start working on the nursery. We've decided on a few different patterns and bed linens, and I am so looking forward to that first Saturday morning when we wake up and head to Home Depot to pick out the exact shade of ?? to paint our baby's room! The ?? is because we're still not entirely sure of the color yet.
Also, Matt is on a good rotation, he goes in at a normal time in the mornings, we're even able to have breakfast together before we leave for work! And he's home in time to run, I'm riding the bike, and then we meet home for dinner. It's so awesome having him home more!

AuthorMatthew Certain