This morning was our 28 week ultrasound and we were both so looking forward to it! However, 8:30 AM proved to be a bit too early for our baby. Apparently this is naptime, and NO one and NO noise was going to wake this sweetpea up! After taking measurements and getting good results, (thank you Lord), she tried to poke around to wake him or her up, to no avail. So finally she got a buzzer out, and after a few seconds, we finally got our son or daughter to move around and they were able to do a few more of the necessary measurements. But unfortunately Baby C was in a bad position - Baby is breech right now, which is ok for now because there is still plenty of time for the darling to shift, and I am carrying LOW (which explains A LOT). So we were unable to really see much of anything because Baby C didn't want to cooperate! It was quite funny to be honest. He or she was being so shy - who on earth does this child take after!??Seriously, the legs were right in front of the face! Very funny and really cute, as I do think the personality is developing at this stage - wonder what was going through that precious brain?! We are so thankful though, because everything looked great!

AuthorMatthew Certain