We are beginning the third trimester of this pregnancy, a fact I can hardly believe! It feels like just yesterday we were happily announcing our big news to our family & friends in November. Week 29 has begun today. Wow!

The very excited parents to be!

We are having a good time putting our home in order. Things are slowly but surely coming together which is making me so happy. I have never been in nesting mode as much as I am these days! We get to go pick up our crib today and I am just so excited to start really putting the nursery together for our baby! I even think I've found the perfect chair to put in there for my inevitable sleepless nights. This mom-to-be needs to be comfortable, at least! Matt has been working SO hard on our house - he has done such a great job and not complained even once. The paint in the bedroom & nursery look so awesome!! He now deserves a weeklong beach vacation. Next year, we hope!

We had our first dinner party Saturday night - a total of nine people were there. It was so much fun!

Some pics of the house

Everyone is so thougtfully asking how I'm doing and how I feel, and I can honestly say I am feeling really great. I have the occasional backaches of course, and my feet hurt at the end of the day, I have my moments of intense crying for absolutely no reason (who knew Desperate Housewifes would come back on tv and make me cry?!? But Gabby & Carlos were so cute last night!) and I'm really, really tired at the end of most days. But, all in all, I feel really good and have absolutely nothing to complain about. As the baby's big birthday approaches, everything becomes more and more real, the due date that was once so far off is now closer than ever and I can't wait. Nervous of course, but very excited to begin adding to our family.

These last weeks I have signed up for some pregnancy fitness classes, pregnancy pilates, yoga and the one I'm looking forward to the most - pregnancy water aerobics. I cannot wait to feel light in that pool! Our weekends are pretty much booked, we're going to try and go to a few Braves games in May, go see some movies, and I plan on sleeping a LOT. If my back will allow me that luxury!!

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