This Memorial Day I hope everyone has taken a moment to reflect on what today is all about, in the midst of a weekend that I hope has been full of awesome fun for everybody! God bless our troops and those who have served our country.

Week 34 has begun!!

Despite the fact that Matt had to work most of the weekend, we were able to squeeze in some fun and had a really nice time! Saturday we went to Damon & Katie's house for some bocce ball, sprite, beer (for the guys), and chips. And cookies. Thin Mints, to be exact! Katie & I are due almost exactly one month apart, and we always have so much fun comparing stories, asking each other questions, and just talking about how excited we are to be having our babies so close together. Both of us have waited to find out the gender until delivery day - so we often try to guess what we're having but both of us are clueless and agree that it's really fun not knowing! I am nine months, Katie is eight months, we have both thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant!!
Saturday night we all went to Pazole, yummmmy - and Sunday Matt played golf and I stayed home and went through all types of pregnancy books and magazines. This has seriously become my most favorite thing to do. After Matt got off work Monday, we relaxed at home and he made the most amazing dinner for us!! Boiled shrimp, crabcake burgers, grilled potatoes, baked beans, and homemade coleslaw. It was so delicious!

We missed being with our families, who were all at home on SSI, but we thought of you often....and can't wait to see each of you soon.
All in all, a really wonderful weekend and we hope yours was great too.

AuthorMatthew Certain