Finally! Five days ago we gathered the family, packed our bags, and headed to the hospital to meet our newest addition to the family. After five of the most beautiful days, we're heading home to show Libby her new nursery. We showed her the nursery, her crib, and new her backyard. Although she slept through most of the tour, we know that she loved it.

     Now that we're home, this place feels entirely different. Its impossible to explain, but everything has taken on a new meaning. The old, beat-up couches are now the couches that Libby is going to crawl all over in 12 months. The hand-me-down oriental rug may be where Libby will run down on a distant Christmas morning. Sure, one day at a time, and we're counting our blessings that Libby has been healthy so far, but its hard not to envision Libby throughout this house. Here are some pictures of the homecoming.

AuthorMatthew Certain