Well, its Monday and Libby, Amy and I are all alone. Amy's mom and sister left yesterday, which was a huge help to us while they were here. We couldn't have gotten through this week without Amy's mom passing on all the tips and tricks of caring for a newborn.

I think that Amy and I would both admit that parenting is much harder than we anticipated. Its not that its unmanageable, or not worth it --- quite the contrary, in fact. However, the around-the-clock feedings are wearing us out. Admittedly, Amy bears the brunt of these constant feedings, but she has done it with a smile practically tattooed on her face. The upshot to the nocturnal nature of little Libby is that she is the happiest during the midnight hours. Below is a snapshot of Libby lovin' the wee hours of the morning.

AuthorMatthew Certain