Cannot believe she's 15 days old today - she is getting too big, too fast! I love the videos of our girl taking her first bath. She is so awesome. I am having so much fun getting to know her, seeing her personality come out, and spending such wonderful time with her. We both fall in love with the little princess more and more everyday!

She is currently resting in her bassinet beside me (with the hiccups) so I wanted to take advantage of this time to write a bit about her and what she's up to these days.

First of all, she loves to eat. I mean, she LOVES to eat. :) She is latching on from miles away and she can sense my presence from afar. It's very cute and tiring and fulfilling (for us both) all at the same time. We're on a great schedule - called "Libby's Schedule" for now. I'm nursing on demand and sometimes that means once every 1.5 hours, once every 3 hours, or once an hour for 40 minutes at a time, then have a diaper change, then back at it again. I think she'd sleep through the night if I let her, but we're getting up every 3 hours for some midnight snacks. Our nighttimes together are priceless. She just looks at me, smiles, frowns, sighs, coos, and makes me know that I was born to be her mommy. I am so in love! It's the best having that time with her, without any interruptions. Just the two of us. Sometimes Dad gets up with us and when he does, we both just talk about how we can't imagine what we did before her!

We get up in the mornings and she loves to be cuddled and talked to while her diaper is changed. She looks outside the whole time, completely content and happy. I get in her face and kiss her a million times and she just opens her mouth and loves it. And Dad makes funny faces and opens his mouth and she copies him as best she can. Very sweet!! She loves her Daddy! It is such a special relationship that they share, I love seeing how they interact with each other. Already it's obvious how important that relationship is!! She has a wonderful Dad.

She is a stretcher - loves to stretch her arms and legs. She just lies there and makes the funniest sounds.

Yawning - for a little baby she is a big yawner! And she opens her mouth so wide and for so long. This little squeaky sound comes out of her mouth that sounds like a dolphin, so I call her Flipper sometimes!

We don't nap very much during the day - she went through a few days where there was confusion between night and daytime, and we're still figuring that out. But I'm resting much more than I was in the beginning. She allows for that during the night these days, which is so nice. I'm not bragging I promise, she is just a GREAT baby!!

It's way too hot to be outside with her, but I'm just so anxious to take her out for walks. I just can't do that with the temp being so high though. I am ready for Fall!

She's holding her head up - if I have her cuddled up to my neck, she strains and reaches up with her little hands and pulls back so she can see my face. She likes to track where I am and what I'm doing.

I do a lot of singing to her, her favorites are Jesus Loves Me and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She is also a fan of the alphabet, she laughs (I'm not kidding) when I sing, "LMNOP".....those notes makes her happy.

I play classical music for her when she is about to fall clue if it makes a difference but it does make the mood in the house very calm and peaceful. Her favorite sound on the sound machine on the bassinet mobile is the ocean. Like mother, like daughter - an Island Girl through and through!

Another song we sing to her: "Wake up Little Libby, Wake Up!" - to the tune of "Wake up Little Susie, Wake Up" - she loves it even though we can't sing or hold a tune!

She loves to see her fingers and hands in front of her face, I imagine she did that while in the womb and she's still very fond of her little hands. So am I.

Hiccups - at least once a day. While I was pregnant the precious baby got them once a day, at least as well, usually around 10 pm every night. Poor little girl!

She just gets better everyday. I know I keep saying that but it's so true! When she's sleeping, I miss her and just want to wake her up. Like right now, I'm looking at her sound asleep, listening to sweet breathing and little noises and I can't wait for her to open those big blue eyes and look at me. Thank you Lord for our little Angel.

AuthorMatthew Certain