It's so hard to believe she's already three weeks old. On the same hand, it's stranger still that we have only had her for three weeks, when it seems like we've had her our whole lives and we wonder what we ever did before she arrived!

Life is good around our house, we're enjoying everything and cherishing each moment. It's amazing how fast and how much she is changing!! Her hair is so much lighter and is growing in the back already. I think she has my straight hair? Other than that, she is her father's child all the way. Everyone says that she looks just like Matt, and I have to agree!

She makes us laugh all the time. Her grunts, her expressions, her yawns, her sighs, her mouth crinkling up to form a perfect "O" while sticking out her tongue, the way she cuts her eyes at us, her tiny little eyebrows going up if she's trying to figure something out....every single thing she does is precious, and new, and we love it all.

Still thanking God for each and every moment!

AuthorMatthew Certain