We watched the first game of the season with Damon, Katie and Max.

They were so cute together....already making memories with the Odegard's and we are so happy and thankful for every moment.


Sleeping soundly after getting a full belly. She is so funny when she sleeps like this!

A precious four week old Baby Max with a precious eight week old Little Libby.

They are besties.
Max was ready to eat, and Libby was consoling him. I'm serious....she put her hand on his hand and just looked at him, as if to say, "It's ok, Max, your Mommy will feed you now!"

Looking up at Mommy. I am in love!!!

Max and Uncle Matt
And some pics of our little girl just being so sweet!! And isn't she getting so big?!

Something about this one looks like me, I think!!

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