Hard to believe that four weeks ago today Libby arrived and entered our world. Words can't describe the past month - all I know is that they have meant more to us than we could have ever imagined!!
She is changing so fast and is just so smart. Her little hands no longer move around aimlessley in front of her face. They now serve a purpose to her! She grabs my hair ( I am in serious need of a day at the salon!) and grabs my face all the time. The other day she put both hands on each side of my mouth as if to say "Mommy look at me!" and I of course melted.

Her mouth copies everything we do. Matt comes home from work and she just lights up and immediately starts to mimic everything he does with his mouth when he's talking to her! It is precious, she really does love her Daddy's voice. She sleeps best on my chest or her Dad's, but she will also make herself happy and content in her bassinet when it's time for a nap. She's still eating A LOT and during the hours of 7 pm until midnight she's pretty much eating nonstop. We have no concept of night and day yet, but we're getting there.

She's learning her voice and is now making lots of sounds. Grunts, coos, you name it, we hear it!

She has friends in the form of little bird noises in her sound machines. When we play the birds, she "talks" to them. AHH it is just soooo sweet!

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