Ok, here are a few pictures that we wanted to upload and share with the family. So, the past week has been great; Libby turned 2 months old and she continues to grow like a weed. The pictures below were all taken during a few recent outings and a few nights at home.

I'll try to throw a little backdrop with each picture. So, without further ado, here's Libby...

Her mother hates to hear this but she absolutely loves her Dad. This picture was taken after I walked up and started talking to her. It's so funny when she is just hanging out and I walk in the room after work, and she recognizes me. Honestly, she has that look on her face like, "Hey! I know you! You're Daddy!!"

Here, she's a little confused by the camera but loves being held and just hanging out with her parents.

This is another episode of smiling with her Daddy. She has that look like she just doesn't know what to expect.

Yep, heading out for a car ride. She loves the car rides; they are like bear tranquilizers. They hit her and she is out. Out for the count.

Here's Mom and Libby on the back porch. This was taken before heading out for a little dinner on the town. As you may notice, Libby is wearing her finest overall dress. And, yes, they lasted about 45 minutes before they irritated the heck out of her.

And finally, the pouty lip. Hilarious, we should let our families vote about where she got this...

AuthorMatthew Certain