Sadly, my maternity leave ended this week. I have been so anxious about it, and nervous and sad and scared and to be quite honest, dreadfully anticipating having to leave our Libby and return to work. I have been thinking about it since I had her and brought her home from the hospital. I never imagined I would want to be a stay at home mommy, but after having Libby, from the first second I knew I wanted nothing more than to stay home with her!! However, that is not in the cards for us at this time, so I sent out prayer requests to people (even awesome cousins all the way in Serbia!) asking for their prayers that I would somehow manage to go back. It's funny-you spend your life, at least in your 20's, building your career and climbing up the ladder at work, promotions, raises, and growing your professional relationships. Then BAM! You hold your seven pound baby girl and all of a sudden, the only earthly relationship that matters is the one you have with that baby, and your new family.
We have prayerfully and happily found someone to take care of Libby while we are working, a Christian woman who loves babies and whom I know is the perfect one for Libby. I was speaking with my Grandmother and just telling her about the interview before we hired her, and she asked what the lady's name was. I told her, and heard her writing it down. She said, "Honey, I'm going to put her name on the prayer list at church, and I am going to pray that THIS is THE one that God wants in your home" - and of course, I cried at the simple sweetness that I felt from her.

And we are so very happy with our decision. It has only been two days, and I have cried both days backing out of the driveway. But God has given me a strong peace which cannot be denied or fought, and I am thankful for that. Matt and I feel extremely blessed by the person we found, and know in our hearts that it was meant to be.

Here she is -this is what I came home to this afternoon. Sleeping soundly in her bassinet.
The blue shirt? It's what I slept in last night. Every day I leave what I sleep in, and she cuddles it and slobbers on it and puts it in her mouth. It's one of the many ways we will stay connected throughout the day!

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