Hello Everyone, and Happy 2009! I can't believe it's been so long since we have posted anything. Sorry to our three readers. :)

Libby is now six months old. It is crazy how fast she is growing into a little person. The Holidays this year are a blur, to say the least. Matt & I were both pretty busy with work, client parties, dinners, etc. It was fun, and went by too quickly. We went to SSI for two weeks (Matt for one week) and Libby was Dedicated on Sunday, December 21. . What a blessing that day was! Had a special luncheon at Halyard's for the family and the rest of the time spent down there was full of family time and lots of laughs. Thanks to all of our many hosts!

We had her six month check up last week and all is good. She's healthy and growing exactly as she should, in the 90%. Chunky little monkey!

As you can see from the videos Matt posted, she's eating big girl food. Ha! We have been giving her vegetables since 4.5 months because they say to give veggies first, then fruit. So far, she's had green beans (gags), green peas (loves them), squash (one of her faves), sweet potatoes (could take 'em or leave 'em), pears (not a big fan) and as of last night, peaches! She liked them after a few bites! It is so fun to see her eating these foods. She was great from the start with the little spoon.

We also have a new nanny situation. After a lot of praying about things, we found an awesome nanny share. The other family lives 2.9 miles away from us, and the nanny is INCREDIBLE! Libby is so happy there, they have a 2 year old little boy and a precious lab, that Libby is in love with! So, we are very thankful that it worked out so well for us in such a short time.

She's got some vocals on her like me. She loves to talk. Like me. She is so funny. She still grabs our faces and puts my chin in her mouth, she cuddles all the time. She loves to take off her socks and eat her toes still! It is so cute. She is trying to crawl! She will roll over from back to front all day long. We'll put her on one side of the room and within minutes she's all the way across the room on the opposite side! Sitting up like a champ. The next step is the serious crawling - we are in the process of childproofing our house! I love it.

The love we have for Libby is the most incredible thing in the world. Looking at her smile, sleep, laugh, it is all too much to put into words how much my heart honestly grows with love every single day. We are so blessed, SO blessed.....and thank God every single day. When she sleeps, when she refuses to sleep, when she plays on the floor and scoots her little booty up and her feet are underneath, when she sits up and then leans down like a weeble wobble....when she grabs my hair and laughs while putting it in her mouth, when she grabs my face and sucks on my chin. When she picks something up and holds it, then looks at me as if to say, "look, Mommy, I am strong!" and then it falls and we laugh and say "uh oh!" - these moments are tender and sweet. We have a healthy daughter with the sweetest personality and I just know that God is looking down, smiling at the gift He gave me, His Child. Because He knows my heart is full of LOVE. I thank Him for our sweetest angel!

All in all, life is good and we are cherishing every moment! Love & hugs to everyone.

HAPPY 2009, wonder what this year will bring for us

AuthorMatthew Certain