Hey everyone!

To say it’s been awhile since I last posted anything is an understatement – very sorry to all of our “followers” out there! While life with a 16 month old is absolutely wonderful and better than anything I could have imagined, it does not leave much time for blogging. But, I promise to be better at it from now on!

And life will soon be even busier and full of MORE love – Libby will have a brother or sister in May! We are SO excited to say the least. I’m currently in my 15th week, not showing yet but Libby knows that there is a baby in mommy’s belly. We ask her, Libby, where’s the baby and she runs over to me and pats my tummy. Her world will be rocked in six months, and she’s not going to know what to do with a baby in the house, but I know she’ll be such a big helper. She is the sweetest, most loving child and she will adjust well I really think. I’m really excited about having two little monkeys of our own and feel so blessed that God is allowing us to be parents to another little angel!

We have had a few ultrasounds and everything looks good and healthy so far – and NO we are not finding out the sex. My due date is May 27 – which is our four year anniversary! They will most likely do the c section any day after May 20 – the exact date is not determined yet. Please keep us in your prayers for another healthy baby and pregnancy!!

Other pregnancy news is that my sister Melissa is having a baby boy in April and my sister in law Helen is having a boy in April too! God is so good – they are both doing great and I can’t wait to have two more nephews to love, in addition to my sweet nephew Joey and niece Molly! Lots to be thankful for!

Libby is growing up so fast and has the sweetest, cutest little personality! She is a little tomboy diva – a really good mixture of sassy and outdoorsy. She will priss outside with her little purse tucked in her little elbow, or she’ll throw a shopping bag over her shoulder…and then proceed to sit in a puddle of mud or something and dig in the dirt. She laughs all the time, whole mouth open wide, exposing all NINE of her sweet teeth. She is getting her molars right now, so we’ve had a few restless nights and fidgety times, but other than that she is healthy and happy.

She loves her Daddy more than anything in the world. And to see him with her, makes me very, very thankful for my husband. They are stinking sweet together! She loses her cool when he walks in the door. She hugs and squeezes and kisses him for at least ten minutes. I love to see them interact. He’s such a great Dad! She calls him “Daaa” – music to our ears!

She is eating very well – but restaurant eating has become a thing of the past. It’s just not where she needs to be these days. Every Saturday the three of us load up and head to McDonalds for breakfast and she does very well in there, and if we do quick Mexican it’s fine, but the thing is, we have to get in there, order, eat, then leave immediately. Gone are the days of leisurely sitting around the table with some wine and apps! Matt & I have vowed that we are going to start using my Dad who is thankfully always in town and always begging us to leave her with him. She loves her Pops and recognizes him instantly. We see him at least once a week, which is really, really nice!

We love the park still – Libby is very playful and social and always makes a friend. The park is very close to our house, so we always walk over, grab a coffee or hot chocolate and a chocolate milk for Libs, and play for hours on the weekend. Life is simple and sweet, but very busy!

Libby is still at home with a nanny and that’s going well, thankfully! She will start going to a Mother’s Morning Out at the church in January two days per week, for three hours each time. She’ll be 18 months old and a perfect age to make some new friends at “school” – the church is wonderful and she can stay in there all the way through preschool and into Pre-K. We got in without having to wait and feel that was definitely God ordained. I’m excited about the experience for her.

The only problem is, time is going by way too fast, as usual. I know I always write that but it’s SO true. Libby has made everything about our life better, perfect, really, and we couldn’t be more thankful. On that note, we hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a very blessed holiday season! We surely are!

AuthorMatthew Certain