Matt had to work Friday night so I took Libby to Lenox for some Christmas shopping and to ride the Macy's PINK PIG! She was sooo cute on the ride, and it's a great tradition that Atlanta has for the sweet kiddos during the Holidays. It was really fun, and so happy that her first Pink Pig ride was fun for her, she wasn't scared a bit. I really hope I can somehow get her in Santa's lap this year, for just one picture. Whenever we see Santa at the mall, she stares at him and is really fascinated with him but the moment I ask her if she wants to sit in his lap, she squeezes me tight and just says, "NOOO" as sad as she can. I don't know what to do to get a good pic of her with him this year! It seems so cruel to make her sit there for my selfish pictures so I'm not sure we'll have a 2009 picture with Santa Claus, but she did love the Pig!

AuthorMatthew Certain