We cannot believe we have a seven and a half month old baby! It is just crazy to think that she's getting so big and changing so very much.
We are all doing great - as you can probably tell from the lack of writing on the blog, we're a tad bit busy. But we have managed to keep the photos updated because we know that's all you really care about, anyway, seeing how our chunky monkey is growing up to be such a big girl!

Lots of things have happened since our last post - she is sitting up all by herself, which is so fun. She isn't crawling yet but she is pulling up to almost a stand. I am wondering if she will skip the crawling and go straight to walking like her Mama did. We shall see - all we know is that she's ready to be mobile in some fashion!
We spend our evenings on the floor- lots of floor time playing with her myriad of toys. She loves things that move or light up, she loves a particular set of blocks. It's so funny because we can show her a box or an orange or something just so simple, and you would think we are showing her something absolutely magnificent. It is just such pure innocent joy - it brings tears to my eyes.
She's taking baths in the big girl bath tub, and LOVES it. She has some serious toys and goes nuts when we're in there. Splashing around and then when she's done, we get her out and she just keeps looking down into the water like, "but wait, I'm not done playing!" - it is so cute!

She's eating lots of food, still stage one. Her favorites include sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, applesauce, and bananas. She is NOT a fan of green beans or peaches. So sorry, no more cruel videos of her making those terrible (yet priceless) faces!

We had some photos taken of her last weekend. We are SO pleased and have subsequently hired Zach for her first birthday party and all other momentus occasions. He is fantastic and really captured her personality. The pictures are priceless and we will cherish them always! Thank you, Zach.

Libs is saying Mamamamama and Daddadaddada - it's most definitely not pronounced perfectly but she does know what she's saying, and she knows who is who. It is awesome! And reaching her hands up to us when she's ready to be picked up. Still loving her johnny jump up that hangs in the doorway. She bounces in that thing so fast and laughs the entire time! We can cook and do things around the house while she's in there, it's great, plus she's having so much fun!

We are ready for Spring in the Certain household. Winter has been nice and we've appreciated the cold weather, it's cozy, but enough is enough. We're ready to get her outside playing in the grass, going to the park, and taking long walks with Mama and long jogs with Daddy! We can't wait! Not much longer.

All in all, everyday is a blessing and we are just so thankful. Work is good, glad we both have good jobs in this Economy. Praying that our country can turn it around and get better soon.

Sending out our love and prayers to all! Keep checking for more updates on Miss Libby!

AuthorMatthew Certain