As we are approaching Libby’s EIGHT month birthday (can you believe it?) I wanted to share a few little details about our sweet daughter. First of all, she’s crawling like crazy these days! She is quite mobile. Last night as I was cooking dinner (thank you for the recipe, Jenn, it was so good) she was sitting on the rug in the kitchen. She was just playing with her little drum toy and moving all around. I realized that yep, it’s time to childproof the house because her interest in opening the kitchen cabinets is growing. So, this weekend Matt & I will be busy with that. Hard to imagine that we could have a child that big! She also stands up by pulling herself up on couches, my leg and any other furniture she can. She loves to stand up on those little legs. And now she’s going from sitting to laying and from lying down to sitting, all over again. It is so fun to watch her. And she’s clapping her hands! She will clap them, look at us, and laugh and clap again!! She also loves to just look at her hands and move those tiny little fingers. AHHHH the joy of parenthood, it just gets better and better. Not a day goes by that we don’t thank God for her, and her health!!!

She really is growing up and developing into her own little person. She makes me laugh and when she laughs she does this little screech thing and wrinkles up her nose – then opens her mouth so big and smiles. She is always smiling, such a happy baby. Well, she smiles until I drop her off every morning, then she screams and cries as I'm walking out the door (SO painful for Maaa-Maaaa) but then I'm assured she stops within two minutes. She's just faking it to see if I'll change my mind and not go to work. She’s growing more hair, it’s blonde these days. Still no teeth, but I didn’t get my first tooth until I was over a year old I think, so I’m not surprised. She looks just like her Daddy but some man at the grocery store told me last night that she looks just like me, so I’ll take that! She is just becoming her own person with the most amazing personality. Thank You, Lord, for the greatest gift we could have been given –the opportunity to raise a child!
My Prayer for our Libby:
Ephesians 1:17: I pray for you constantly asking God…to give you spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that you may grow in your knowledge of God.

We’ll take some pics this weekend to post for everyone!

AuthorMatthew Certain