The three of us headed to Charleston this weekend. We had an absolute blast. One of the top favorite weekends I have EVER had! The weather was amazing, our hotel was lovely and in the middle of everything, and to be with my two favorite people in the world, for two whole days was nothing short of perfect! We got in late(ish) Friday, around 7 PM, and Libby was ready to rock and roll after sleeping the entire car ride, minus about one hour. So we changed and loaded up the stroller and hit the streets. Charleston is one of our favorite cities so we were so excited to show Libby around. We walked and went to Market street, then found a great place to have dinner for the night. Got up Saturday morning and Daddy had to go do some stuff for work, so Libby and I began our day around 7:30 AM. We got up, I got a decaf tea(I still have not had any caffeine since finding out I was prego, so great to have kicked that habit), and we hit the streets. It was absolutely gorgeous!! She and I walked that morning, looked at the shops, then went to the hotel and had our breakfast. Oatmeal, bananas, and some water. I'm not kidding when I say that she stops traffic! Everyone stopped to see her, and she smiled and laughed and just giggled that precious little giggle. :) Then it was naptime from 9:30 until 11ish. She was zonked out and I laid beside her and read my book. So much fun. After the turkey woke up we went out for another stroll and found a fun place to have lunch. She ate all of her food and tasted most of mine too! After our mother/daughter lunch out, it was time to meet Daddy at the hotel. She literally shrieked with excitement! Then it was back to the streets and she napped a bit while Matt and I went to our favorite rooftop place and had a glass of wine while she was all comfy and cozy in her stroller. She is such an angel!

It's hard to explain, but something about Saturday will be forever in my memory bank of my baby girl. It was just the two of us, and I was such a proud Mommy. Being with her out of town, and spending the day with just her, ahh, something about it brings tears to my eyes still! It was just really special and such a fun bonding time. I am so thankful for her.

She did great in the car, there and back. We know her schedule so well now so it's easy to determine when it's good to be in the car and when we should let her play. Remarkably she didn't get off schedule much while we were gone.

Other Libby at Nine Months and Two Weeks News:
She's drinking water; she loves it. Out of her sippy cup and out of our cups. She loves to drink it if we put it in our straws and give her some through that. Hilarious how she opens her mouth waiting for it.
She crawls tooooo fast. And she's into everything, good and bad. Cannot be trusted alone in any rooms!

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