Cannot believe our sweet thing is ten months old! It is amazing!

Libby is waving bye-bye nonstop, screaming, getting our attention any possible way that she if we are ever not paying attention to her! Ha!

On Tuesday she BLEW MATT KISSES as he was backing out of the driveway. I thought he was going to slam the brakes and run up to the front door and hug and kiss her instead of going to work! SO sweet!!

She has her little walking toy that she pushes all over the house. It is so cute and full of fun gadgets, she loves it. We wonder when she'll walk because she sure is cruising on all fours at an extreme pace. She does stand for several seconds without holding onto anything.

We are going to SSI next week for several days for a mini-vacation. Can't wait to see everyone. You won't believe how big Libby is, she's just about toddler size!

Love to all.

AuthorMatthew Certain