This was us walking on her ONE year birthday - we had balloons on her stroller for an entire week. I'm such a dork.

Crawling in the woodchips at the park!

Digging in the dirt, and the flowers. Oops.

Our little (BIG) girl has turned one. I can hardly believe it – honestly. This year has gone by incredibly fast and has been more than I ever dreamed it would be. Both Matt & I are stunned at how quickly our first year went by with our little monkey. It has been the BEST year ever and we are so very very blessed.

Libby is a mess these days. Full personality and such a sweet, sweet countenance. Some new things Libby does:

-says bye bye while waving with those teeny tiny hands
-points to the sky if you ask her where the sky is
-throws balls, but forgets to always let go so most of the time the ball goes behind her head but she “gets” the idea of what she should be doing
-walks around with her push toys nonstop
-plays in dirt, eats dirt, puts dirt in her hair, tries to put dirt in my mouth, eats dirt. Repeat.
-would rather crawl on the driveway than in the grass that we (Matt) diligently keeps beautiful for her.
-swings and laughs the whole time
-waves hello to people. Random strangers, us, anyone close enough to “speak” to, they’ll get a wave from Libby
-loves the pool. We splish splash and go to the pool at least three times a week. She is a huge fan of the water! Swimming lessons soon.
-opens any and all doors. Anywhere. And wants to see what’s inside the cabinets.
-pats me on the back as if to say “Hey Mom, you’re pretty cool”
-eats a little bit of everything. Seriously – she is a big eater. It’s more difficult to feed her because she wants big people foods – she’s over pureed, that’s for BABIES! Feeds herself, that’s the only way to really eat after all.
-gives you five on command.
-her words include: Mama (MaaaMaaaa), Daddy (Daadaaaadaa), Soccer ball (SaaaCa, SaaaCa), Five (fiiiive in a whispered voice), Bye-Bye (BaaayeeBaaayee)
-seriously gets so excited when she sees the soccer ball. Squeals with excitement and jumps up and down. Next Mia Hamm on our hands??
-this is my favorite thing-I guess I always say things like: "where is it" or "where is your hat?" and hold my hands up as if to ask "where?" and she apparently has picked this up. So the other day I asked, "where is your bow?" and she held her hands exactly as I do, and just looked up at me and shrugged. I almost CRIED it was the sweetest thing!

Us at the pier on SSI - she was doing the "where is it?" with me.

I know I’m forgetting some Libby doings and Libby-isms, but you get the idea. Our baby has changed and grown so much in just one year. It’s truly amazing!

We had two birthday parties for her – one in Atlanta and one on SSI. Both were fun and full of lovely family and friends who all came to celebrate Libby’s birthday. Thank you to all for helping make her birthday ONE to remember. We love you all.

AuthorMatthew Certain