Our Libby is walking! ALL over the place! It is now a part of our lives, she doesn't crawl anymore. Life as we knew it is O.V.E.R. She took her first few steps and then within 48 hours she was like, "wait a minute, this is really cool" so here she goes! It is so funny to see it. She gets so excited and then starts to run a little bit, hands in the air and not watching where she's going. All of this combined has led to lots of mommy & daddy worrying but she's managing great. She is rarely falling while walking now, it's only when she runs and puts up her hands that she may run into the occasional wall or couch. She is becoming such a little lady, too.I mean, seriously. She has managed to turn one and then all of a sudden, it’s almost as if she’s saying, “Pardon me, but I’m a big girl now, thanks so much for the past year, but I think I’ve got it from here” – her independent streak is really apparent now. I love it but at the same time, she’s not a baby anymore! She is really into coloring on blank paper. Don’t worry, I saved her first “picture” and it is on the fridge, dated and all. She loves to eat the crayons. Also, she knows when I say “no” – she totally knows what it means. She’ll put one in her mouth, I say no and she takes it out. But then she does it all over again and again and again. Then, repeat. She is getting it though; not to mention once she finally stops putting it in her mouth and I continue to say no, she gives up, then walks over, picks up her baby doll, and stuffs the crayon in baby’s mouth. Then she pats the baby on the head and hugs her, then kisses her. HOW am I supposed to say anything about that? It makes me cry it is so sweet!!

We are still loving the pool. I had to take this picture the other day when she & I went swimming. She just looks SO big in it – sitting on the concrete, eating her puffs with her little swim shoes on. So pool time, now we have to sit in the baby pool with all the other little people. She walks around in circles and just looks at any other big girls that are in there. She loves other children who are just a little bigger than her!

Last night we went to the park and she made two new friends – she even sat on one side of the see-saw with a little 15 month old and they really started pumping their legs up and down. It was adorable! Swinging is still a fun activity that she loves at the park.

Life is good. No, life is great. I thank God daily for His blessings and for giving me such a sweet, sweet wonderful husband and baby girl!

This was taken a few weeks ago with my phone so it's very fuzzy, but I love it. They are taking a nap together! We love Saturday naps!!

AuthorMatthew Certain