What a wonderful Christmas it was this year. We decided not to go to SSI for the Holidays, opting instead to spend our first Christmas at home together. It was a really hard decision to make b/c neither of us has ever spent the Holidays away from our families, but we decided it was time to start new traditions and stay in Atlanta. It was SO much fun, and Libby's reaction and her happiness was all we needed to make sure we had done the right thing. She had an absolute ball!
Christmas Eve Matt had to work, so Katie and her in-laws invited Libby and I over to their house for dinner and some fun. It was awesome! There were three other children there, siblings and cousins, and Libby played with them and had such a great time with them, it felt like we were at home. I loved it b/c it felt like it did at my own house growing up, kids everywhere running around, parents and grandparents just hanging around talking....soooo much fun and so perfect for a Christmas Eve. They even tracked Santa on the computer AND he called to say he was coming soon! It was a wonderful night and although we missed Daddy and our families, we felt right at home and I am so thankful for such great friends!!! Thank yall!

Christmas morning came and went way too quickly. This was Libby's second Christmas, but her first that she really seemed to grasp Santa bringing presents. The video is so cute to me, her reaction is priceless...she kind of looks at it, then looks at us, then looks at the gifts again, then at us again...so cute. Her favorite is the little slide and of course her myriad of coloring books and crayons. The day was spent just playing with all the gifts she received, napping, walking around the neighborhood, and it was just perfect. These days of her being little are flying by, and we are savoring every second!

God is so good and we thank Him daily for the gift of His Son. I pray that Libby will grow up to know the true meaning of Christmas just as we do.

Hope you all had a wonderful day of family and loved ones surrounding you - and of course, got some fun gifts!

AuthorMatthew Certain