We are so happy and feel so blessed to announce that Libby will be getting a little sister in May! AHH! We are so very excited. Friday was our appointment for the anatomy ultrasound...this pregnancy is just flying by. It snowed last Thursday night with loads of ice and sleet, so most companies and offices were closed, or you were given the option to stay home. Our nanny wasn't able to make it in on Friday morning due to her icy situation so we took Libby with us to the Doctor. I was a little nervous but she did perfectly and it made so much sense to have her in there with us. The tech asked if we wanted to do the anatomy first or the gender, and of course we said gender - and wouldn't you know, she grinned at Libby and said, "It's another girl!" - we had some squeals and a few tears and a very happpppppppy moment to relish in the fact that we will have two daughters! I wasn't sure if I wanted to find out this time, we didn't with Libby but for some reason I was just so curious to know what the family dynamics would be this time - and we are so happy to know now!!! Of course, having a boy would have been great but I'm so excited that Libby will have a sister!!

Baby Girl #2 is looking very healthy and we cannot wait to meet her. I'm measuring to be 21 weeks pregnant, so I'll hopefully and God willing be able to deliver her the middle of May. So hard to believe, that will be here so fast. We are still thinking of names - we're getting close to deciding I think and hope!

Libby is going to be an amazing big sister. She'll love having someone around and she has such a sweet countenance so I have faith that God will help us with the big adjustment. Baby Girl #2 is kicking all the time, and it's really fun to feel those movements, I loved it with Libby as well. Thank you Lord!

AuthorMatthew Certain