Well, today I am 22 weeks pregnant!  It is so hard to believe how quickly this is going by.....we are so happy. Yesterday I had another appointment and all looked good.  She is moving alot, constantly, and I am savoring each little kick and punch because for now, she is safe and she is all mine.  In May I'll have to share her with the world but not for now!  Her sonogram picture from a few weeks ago was so cute - she has my feet bless her heart!  I cannot wait to meet her and see my two daughters interact.  I still can't believe my Libby will have her very own sissy.  I am so happy and blessed beyond measure.

Libby Libby Libby - our little amazing PRINCESS!  She gets sweeter every day!  I know I sound obsessed, and that's fine because I pretty much am.  I am just amazed by her.  Her new words include:

Taint Chu - Thank you
Nana - Banana
Cheeths - Cheese
MoA - More
ReaTeee- Ready
Go - Go!
Waatr - Water
Side - Slide
Sing - Swing
Peas - Please
Yaaah - Yeah
No - NO
Mine - MINE

These last two are VERY easy to decipher.  She wakes up and says, NO, MINE.  It is so funny and so normal but wow....she says it all the time.  Last night I heard her say No in her sleep!  Not kidding.  I love that child.  And of course she does her signing still and is very good at that.  More, No More, Milk, bye bye, hi, etc.....it's very helpful!!

Her language is really developing.  She is repeating things that we say all day long and she is really understanding and grasping what we say.  It's like all of a sudden, she gets it.  Almost 19 months old, it's absolutely insane to me how big she is.  Her 18 month doctor appointment went very well, she's gaining weight normally and she's going to be tall like her Daddy!!  She has grown over two inches since 15 months.  She's eating pretty well, her favorites this week include bananas, black beans and Pirates Booty chips.  She loves Mexican and not sure where she got that from - yeah right! 

We love playing with the ball, she'll say "ready!?" and grab my hand with one hand and have the ball in the other, and we'll roll the ball down the hall for hours!  She still loves to be outside, sometimes we'll just go out and walk the neighborhood talking and picking up leaves and pinecones.  It is a very simple life, and I am so happy and thankful for these small things and life's tiniest little pleasures!

It has been arctic here for a month, but just this week we have had a break and the temps are in the 50s and 60s so we've been outside as much as possible.  Today though, it has been rainy so after work we'll head to Leapin' Lizards, another jumpy place.  I'll post come pix tonight.  Love to all!

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